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Bride Testimonial Stories

Get inspired and hear about our phenomenal customer service directly from our brides! 
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Ashlyn M

I had the BEST experience at Bridal Gallery! The selection of dresses was beyond my expectations and the staff was very helpful and accommodating. 

Amber A

There were so many great selections, clean facility, and even more supportive staff. Jennie was the greatest help with dress shopping. She listened to all the ideas I had for my dream dress and pulled dresses that were even better than what I could have imagined! Overall, a great experience!

Taylor J

Everything was fantastic. Lexa listened to me and everything I was saying and brought in dresses that were perfect for me. I look forward to returning with my maid of honor soon!

Megan B

Caitlyn made my experience so easy and fun! I enjoyed very minute I was there and did not want it to end! Thank you for helping me find THE DRESS!!

Callie K

I had an overall wonderful experience at bridal gallery! Ashley S was a dream to work with and definitely helped make the day special. Although I didn’t end up finding the dress at bridal gallery, I truly appreciated the warm welcome and assistance during my appointment! 

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Mariah B

The staff was very kind and patient. We appreciated her attention given to all the details. She gave us all the time we needed.

Katie W

Misty was very enthusiastic and thoughtful about the whole process.  It helped so much to have a cheerleader who was sincerely invested in helping me find the right dress.  I normally dread shopping for clothing, especially when it's as high stakes as a wedding day, and she completely put me at ease and made it fun.  Thank you!

Megan B

I had the best experience! Lexa was amazing and I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and support! She made my whole bridal party feel welcome and made me feel like the center of attention! She was super knowledgeable and was helpful on finding dresses that were my style and what I was comfortable in! Thanks again for the wonderful experience, I will 100% recommend to friends!

Hannah L

Everyone was very helpful and accommodating! It can be tough dealing with brides AND their family but consultant Misty was AMAZING! Definitely recommend The Bridal Gallery! Great selection and great employees. 

Lindsey M

I am speechless when I comes to describing my time at the bridal gallery. I have been to many other bridal stores to try on gowns and your gallery was by far our favorite stop! Monica was so personable, professional, and such a sweetheart to work with! We had the BEST experience. Thank you!

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Haley D

My bridal consultant was AMAZING. She really made me feel beautiful and actually listened to what I wanted. Highly recommend Bridal Gallery.

Karli V

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Jennie was AMAZING! She somehow knew exactly when I liked a dress and when I didn’t! Out of all the dresses I tried on “the one” was of course one that she had pulled for me after we found my style. She answered my million questions and was so patient. I cannot wait for my dress to come in! Thank you so much! 

Rachel H

I honestly had an incredible experience at Bridal Gallery. They made me feel incredibly taken care of throughout my entire appointment. The communication was open and honest. There was never any surprises about price. They were genuinely excited with me when I found my dress. It felt like I was dress shopping with friends! 

Claire S

I walked in knowing I would be in the very best of hands with Caitlyn as my consultant, and she did not disappoint. I was her sole focus, and she knew exactly what I was looking for! She found me my dream dress and made me feel so special. She should probably get promoted... ;)

Shawna C

Abbey was outstanding!! You guys were my last appointment of the day and my future step daughter whose four came with to create this memory for her and she was starting to stress me out and Abbey was so patient with me and tried entertaining her by letting her help “fluff” my dress each time. I can’t say enough good things about her. Truly amazing.  

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Whitney G

Absolutely wonderful shopping experience! I highly recommend Bridal Gallery to all brides!

Ashley T

Great experience my gal helped me find the best dress so quickly and in my price range! 

Michaela S

Misty went above and beyond to make this trip a great experience! She listened to me and my group and surprised me with a wonderful dress that ended up being the one. I am so glad that I picked Bridal Gallery for my dress!

Laike D

Jennie was so fun to work with!! I could not have had a better experience finding my dream dress for my dream wedding. Highly recommend! Five stars!!!

Brenda D

Our consultant was amazing! She had the perfect amount of contact, input and dress suggestions. 

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Kylee N

I had the best experience of my life... my assistant for the appointment made it the most amazing day...she found my perfect dream dress for me, made me feel absolutely stunning and so comfortable and also made my family feel comfortable..I couldn’t possibly have imagined a better day...

Amanda D

I went in there not knowing what I wanted. The girls helped me out amazing they listened to what I was saying and she found the dress that I fell in love with. 

Jennifer K

Your staff was amazing and your dress selection even more. Super helpful and really made the day as wonderful as it could have been.

JaeLynn G

I cannot even begin to put into words how magical this day was for me!...My stylist was Lexa, she is one of the top reasons I was able to leave the salon with a happy heart!...If it wasn’t for your amazing staff and beautiful dress selection I don’t think I would have been able to find my dream dress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a memory and special day I will cherish forever! 

I highly recommend this be every brides bridal shop choice!! 

Maggie L

Jenny was kind, professional, knowledgeable and so fun to work with! Very grateful for her expertise.

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Renee H

Caitlyn was very very helpful in finding my dress. She was very kind, genuine, and extremely patient as well. I didnt feel pressured or rushed at all during my appointment. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with everything, along with helping me to see my full wedding vision completed. 

Kami L

The ladies were very helpful when it came to finding my dream dress! They made it fun and relaxing. Would highly recommend. 

Kamber D

It was such an amazing experience! Our gal was very professional and so positive! I loved very minute of it!!!

Brett L

Lexa was amazing! She made sure I was comfortable with her and that I was in a dress that made me feel amazing! I’m even more excited for my big day now! Definitely will recommend you guys in the future...

Annie W

Caitlyn helped me find my dress. She was warm, extremely helpful, listened to my thoughts, stick to my budget, and put me at ease with the whole wedding dress shopping experience. ... I’d say she got me 100%. Excellent experience with other staff members as well! 

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Lindsay J

My experience with the bridal gallery was amazing!! Misty really listened to what I wanted in my dress...and went above and beyond to help me find my beautiful dress!! 

Victoria H

Jennie was SO helpful during my appointment. She listened to me and was very supportive as I worked to find my dress. It was hard for me to figure out what I wanted, but somehow Jennie was able to understand and find the perfect gown. I would have never found the dress without her. 

Jaunna E

I went in very nervous that I would not have any luck finding a dress. All the employees were SO nice from the moment I stepped in the door. Finding my dream dress was so easy, and I am so glad I came here to find it!

Kailey D

Every one was so friendly and my consultant, Monica made me feel so special. She listened to my likes and dislikes and helped me pick my dress. The discounts and coupons i received for buying my dress there were also great!

Shaina D

I knew right when I walked in the door and saw the dress on the mannequin that, that was my dress! The lady that helped me, I believe her name was Alexa, was super helpful and brought in a lot of super pretty dresses for me to try on...I can't wait for my big day, and thank you guys for being part of it, helping me find my dream dress!

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Keiana K

I had the best experience at bridal gallery! Misty made my experience perfect, she made me feel like a princess and made me feel good in all of the dresses I tried on especially the one I picked! 

Amber B

I had such a great experience at the Bridal Gallery! I had fun and finding my wedding dress was made into a no-stress shopping experience! Thank you so much for such a great memory!

Kenadi J

Lexa was amazing to work with. Made me feel comfortable and found me the dress of my dreams. Amazing selection to choose from and a fun atmosphere.  

Maitland V

I was not anticipating to find my bridal gown the day that I went to the bridal gallery but from the moment I met Misty she knew exactly what to throw my way for dresses and took my opinion into serious consideration...I highly recommend the bridal gallery as they make you feel really good while trying on dresses...  

Alex J

We worked with Caitlyn and it was wonderful!! I've been to a few other places and Bridal Gallery was my favorite by far. I felt that my desires for my wedding were honored and we overall had such a pleasant experience.

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Melissa H

Had a wonderful experience with Monica trying on dresses. She was so helpful and made the morning very enjoyable. It was a special morning because I said yes to my dress! Monica was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable.

Lexi E

Caitlyn was great. I loved my experience at Bridal Gallery and I am so excited about my dress. 

Taborah T

I had an incredible experience at the Bridal Gallery. Missy was so kind. She did a great job finding dresses in the style I wanted and within my budget.  Would absolutely recommend Bridal Gallery. It’s a big deal to feel cared for and comfortable when making such a big decision! 

Brooke B

Jennie helped me find the dress that I will wear on our wedding day. She was able to find the perfect dress from listening to me describe what I liked or didn't like about dresses I had tried on.   

Kala N

The consultant I had for my appointment was incredible! Her name was Monica. She was so kind and helpful and made the whole process a breeze. Not only that, she made me feel like the most important person there. Your selection is excellent and your price range too! We can't wait to come pick out some bridesmaid dresses soon. Thank you so much!

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Katie G

The staff (Misty) was super kind and helpful!...

I had a fabulous time, didn’t feel rushed or like the staff was being pushy at all. Amazing! 

Hannah G

We had an amazing experience at Bridal Gallery! Lexa was very helpful, patient, and so fun to work with. Thanks for helping me find my dream dress!

Courtney H

Misty made my experience here the best! Thanks for helping me find the dress!

Emily H

Awesome awesome place with amazing staff and beautiful dresses. They have everything you need for the entire wedding party. I didn’t even want to shop anywhere else. Best place by far! 

Elissa T

I LOVED my experience at Bridal Gallery. Caitlyn was super helpful...Overall, everyone that helped out that day made the experience of finding my dress super relaxing and stress free. I loved that it did not feel too overwhelming trying on so many dresses because I ended up finding the dress of my dreams!

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Ashley H

I worked with Lexa & she was wonderful!!! She found my perfect dress for me!

Nicole R

Jennie did an amazing job helping me find the perfect dress for my wedding day! She was super knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had with ease...Bridal Gallery has a great atmosphere, and they even fit in some extra time for me after my appointment to check out some bridesmaids options on a busy Saturday! Very pleased with my experience!

Katie A

Thank you Bridal Gallery for helping me find the dress of dreams! I made a last minute decision to say yes to the dress right before they were closing, and they made accommodations for me and my group so we could end the day on a perfect note. Meghan was so very helpful through every stage of picking out and trying on dresses. Thank you so much for making this day a dream!  

Kathy R

I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was so kind and Misty helped me find the perfect dress for my special day!!

Sheri K

Jenny did an amazing job. I felt so comfortable and felt like I was being listened to in what I was looking for. I ended up finding my dress and the experience was beyond what I was expecting.

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Alyssa D

Caitlyn was so helpful and patient while I was picking out and trying on dresses! She gave awesome advice to help me pick the perfect dress! I highly recommend Bridal Gallery. 

Braelee R

I loved my experience at the bridal gallery. Lexa was so helpful and kind. She made picking a dress so easy and fun. I enjoyed having her as my consultant. She also sent me a thank you note which was so sweet. I will definitely recommend any bride to come here! 

Kayla T

I’m so thankful for Misty’s help this week. She made the experience so fun, so relaxing that I felt at home during the process! Even though I didn’t have very high budget she made me feel like the most special bride. Thank you so much!

Ariana H

Amazing experience! I was a bride who didn’t know what I wanted in a dress... the staff was very patient and helpful to me and my family. Would highly recommend! Also, Jen did an AMAZING job at altering my dress. It was perfect!

Aislyn A

I had a great time working with Jennie to find my perfect wedding dress! She was kind and helpful, and not pushy. It was a beautiful space with lots of lighting  to make the experience even more memorable.

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