Makeovers at Southeastern Hair Design & Day Spa

   Who doesn't love a good makeover every now and then??  The Bridal Gallery girls decided that we ought to get professional headshots taken so that we could be recognizable to our brides if ever they wanted to look us up online! To ease any doubts that the photos would be anything but flattering and glamorous, we decided to partner up with Southeastern Hair Design & Day Spa here in Sioux Falls to guarantee that we all looked picture perfect!   


    The morning of, we all met at Southeastern with bed-head and bare faces!  Our jobs were easy - we just sat there and let the talented ladies go to work on our hair and makeup! I mean, if we are going to recommend services to our brides, we better test them first, right?! 

The ladies were a warm welcome in the early morning hours and gave us the "bridal party" treatment! Not only was the salon clean and organized, but all the employees did a great job at making us feel comfortable and beautiful. A few of us even arrived with inspiration pictures for our hair - our stylist rose to the challenge and all the final looks were gorgeous! 


We didn't take a "before" picture, but I think in the "after" pictures we all look gorgeous!!  

We highly recommend going to Southeastern, whether it be for a standard trim, your wedding up-do, or to get your makeup done for headshots at work!  After purchasing their wedding gown our brides get a coupon for exclusive deals and savings, but even if you aren't a BG bride, you can stop in and have a great salon experience at Southeastern Hair Design & Day Spa!

"Our reputation is on your shoulders." - Southeaster Hair Design & Day Spa

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Posted on December 7, 2016 .