Tuxedo Appointment Information

Congratulations! You have booked your tuxedo shopping experience and are one step closer to checking another thing off your list! Below is information regarding your Tuxedo Appointment.

1. Appointment Length

Your tuxedo appointment will run for 45 minutes. During this time, you will pick out everything that you are wanting your tux attendants to wear.

2. What to Bring

Bring in your inspiration ideas. If you have found pictures and ideas that you are liking, please feel free to bring them in as it helps us see your vision. All of our tux options are pictured below.

3. Who to Bring

We find you get more accomplished in your appointment with just you and your groom (whoever is helping you make wedding decisions).

4. Tuxedo Price Range

We have suites and tuxedos that range from $158-$225 (this price is before any promotional discounts).

Your rental includes: Coat, Pants, Vest, Tie or Bow Tie, Shirt and Shoes. 

There is also “A La Carte” options for renting just specific pieces if you are not wanting to do a full ensemble.

** A La Carte items are not eligible for additional discounts. **


5. Measuring

Measuring your party is booked as a separate appointment. If you are wanting to book AND measure everyone it is required to have two appointments as 45 minutes will not allow enough time for both. However, we can measure the groom (whoever is helping you make wedding decisions) during the booking appointment. Please be sure to let us know if you are wanting to measure your party at the same time.

  • Everything needs to be booked before sending your tux attendants in to get measured as we will need to know the fit of tux to get the correct measurements for your party.

If you have any questions please click here to email us or call us at 605-362-9603. We look forward to helping you find the perfect groomsmen attire! There is a list of tuxedo styles below to help you get started. See you soon!

$40 off every full rental tux with offer code:
Tell your Bridal Gallery Tux Consultant when ordering and we'll take care of you!.

Tuxedo Styles

Style 910
Style 920
Style 918
Style 915
Style 914
Style 905
Style 921
Style 919
Style 908
Style 917
Style 896
Style 884
Style 903
Style 911
Style 885
Style 881
Style 880
Style 899
Style 898
Style 883
Style 886
Style 901
Style 900
Style 913
Style 902
Style 906
Style 916
Style 907
Style 892
Style 775
Style 749
Style 751
Style 748
Style 747
Style 740
Style 709
Style 743
Style 745
Style 241
Style 240
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